This page is part of the Ekkono training in values through football initiative. The objective is to contribute to the interpretation of contemporary problems through the link between Football and Art, offering different possibilities of reading and understanding this sport in the context of today’s society.

We will be uploading and sharing art works linked to football made by artists, with the aim of creating a «collection» of references with which to promote thinking and reflecting on this sporting practice, from different disciplines: illustration, video, sculpture, painting, etc.

ARTIST: EUGENIO AMPUDIA (Multidisciplinary artist, 1958 -. Spain)
TITLE: En juego (Into play)
Video, 2002

It is a video in which fragments of an epic football match between Germany and Brazil during the 2002 World Cup are presented. Instead of the ball we see a book dedicated to art. Soccer players, like the artist, literally kick critical ideas and concepts about art.

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