The EKKONO IDENTITY consists of a set of processes that must be implemented by means of a Department of Methodology in order to develop professional players. 

1- TALKMADE: It allows for creating, accelerating and maintaining a football culture. The core ideas on which to work will be: planning, training didactics and game model. All these contents must be developed with the participation of the whole technical staff. 

2-SMARTFIELDER: The Ekkono training method should be the starting point to elaborate a proposal that generates smart and expert players. The final boost in transitioning to professionalism is the use of technology-based self-analysis. 

3-CO-LEARNING: Decentralizing teaching processes in sport accelerates and optimizes the construction of a common vision (it is knowledge stemming from all parties involved). Learnings are more significant, stable and transferable to the game. 

4-COMMITTEES: The creation of Committees (small groups of people from all levels of the organization) enables the establishment of processes in our day to day with the aim of living the shared values.